A Single Symphony

Is a seminal work on the modern media landscape with a focus on our communities and collaboration a key element to its success... the whole is greater than the sum of its parts. A Single Symphony is not superfluous to industry needs or waiting in the wings for opportunity to present itself, A Single Symphony is a creative society providing opportunity.

Trying to juggle creative juices and drive with a money job which sucks all energy and ambition out of you and puts you on a cycle of 'I can do this / I can't do this anymore' should not be viewed as the natural journey to 'making it'. Whatever is created exists, it simply is.

A Single Symphony provides a self sustaining artistic and commercial platform.....
..... the collaborator sees growth, the government sees growth, the company sees growth, the community sees growth and a healthy cultural domino effect follows".

What I Think
What I Think child poverty

Breaks To Learn drug abuse

Urban Salvation social unrest

Something More To Think About

Attention Filmmakers

Use Your Ears...
choose a song from our songwriters' jukebox. Use that song as the narrative and make a great film on any social issue or conflict affecting the community.

Open Your Eyes...
Produce entertaining, provocative, yet not easily labelled, films highlighting social issues in the community. 'Fly On the Wal l Filming' during the 'Making Of' will also be encouraged . Suggested issues include knife crime, drug abuse, infidelity , reality TV, relationships, sexuality and more, but film-makers are free to choose their own issue. Songs chosen lend themselves to the issues, but not exclusively so leaving the film-makers entirely free to create their own anthem.

Tell Your Tale... let the story unfold

Make A Difference...
to the community Benefit directly from your work while playing your part in creating..... A Single Symphony

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